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Surfactant is produced in the lungs of babies. It serves to distend the lungs after birth. In premature babies it is given to allow the lung to expand and develop fully. Animal surfactant, which is produced from the lungs of cattle, is not an ideal substitute for human surfactant because it brings foreign antigens into our body with it. At present, China, Russia, the USA have started to offer information preparations (surfactant) to stimulate the organism of elderly people to produce it themselves in order to avoid the reaction of the body's defense systems.

In COVID-19, the people who take surfactant and die (10-15%) is from the overreaction of the immune system, i.e. the cytokine storm. Information drugs and immunomodulators do not lead to cytokine storm.

Cytokine storm can only be predicted if and only if the patient is tested for calprotectin in stool. If it is increased more than 100-1000 times - the patient has a huge chance of severe cavida and his cytokine storm is inevitable.

REMEMBER: THERE IS NO NORM for the amount of antibodies in a patient's system. The norm is some coward's invention. EVERY ORGANISM DETERMINES FOR ITSSELF HOW MANY ANTIBODIES IT NEEDS to deal with COVID-19 or any other virus. That is why I keep noting that each of us has and carries around 10 billion different antibodies (established back in 2004) and the information about them.

There are patients who do not have antibodies on their tests, work in COVID-19 wards and do not get sick.

Other patients-doctors without being vaccinated have over 3000 Ig M and even more Ig G, which means a very strong immune reaction (hardly a cytokine storm), but in reality this is not the case. Each organism determines for itself how many and which type of antibodies it needs and produces them for itself. Lymphocytes are capable of producing anywhere from 3-30,000 antibodies per second, as long as someone gives them that information.

From a unit of SARS-CoV-2, 3000000 (3 million) units are produced in 24 hours. Allopaths are unable to catch the presence of this bugger in the first 3-7 days because it coats itself with lipid protein structures and messes with our bodies. All RNA viruses are supposed to have infiltrated from space, as well as negative blood types, so patients with a negative Rhesus factor either get it milder or don't get sick.

Since last year, we have been repeating that SARS-CoV-2, which has penetrated our body, mainly attacks chromosomes 2,14 and 22, which are responsible for the production of antibodies in each of us. The virus attacks and damages all three, but mainly chromosome 14, altering the human genome and leaving information for the future, which it passes on to future generations. When any of our body's defences break down, it develops an infection, including COBID-19, because the virus is already sleeping inside each of us. There is hardly a person who hasn't encountered it, but not everyone gets sick because they block it and it sleeps in them.

In Germany, Russia, Austria, Japan, Greece the wealthy people have the normal frequencies of these three chromosomes released to them and they don't get sick like the rest of the commoners.

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