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People are the most important aspect of people. The patient organisation team believes and works to increase education, information and access to any information that can teach a person about being healthy.
We have been working since the late 20th century to find, prepare and disseminate knowledge and experience about how a person can be healthy and fulfilled in personal and public life. On the other hand, we believe in being a corrective to every governmental structure that works in the field of health and we comment with non-confrontation on all daily problems between the state and the people on the topic "Health".

Goals of NGOs "InfoHealth"

  • Providing the inherent right of every individual to possess the information necessary to maintain and preserve his or her own health; 

  • Leading an active and conscious lifestyle, including in adulthood;

  • Creating a solid basis for a healthy society - of healthy children, generation and helping the health culture and knowledge of adolescents;

  • Adapting people to the modern lifestyle and environment and familiarizing them with the main factors affecting the human organism:
    -physical (electromagnetic, X-ray and other types of radiation, gravitational states, ambient temperature, cosmic radiation, etc.)
    - chemical (all substances with which our organism comes into contact primarily through food, air and water)
    - biological (microorganisms - viruses, fungi and bacteria, plant species)
    - social (material security of each of us, family environment, work environment, political and social environment)

  • Awareness of responsibility for one's own health and well-being is necessary - it is unacceptable to shift the responsibility for our health onto the state, government and health service;

  • Elimination of the causes and complete recovery of the body from many non-infectious diseases;

  • Health management in accordance with the laws of nature;

  • Continuity regarding folk methods of treatment;

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